Information about our products

Why are we supporting Australian products?

We know that customers are consciously shopping for Australian brands and we believe that now is the time to focus on supporting Australian sellers, Australian jobs and communities. GroceryShop has bought together people who think like us and who want to promote Australian products

How it works

How do I find products?

Start shopping on GroceryShop by using the product search bar at the top of the page, or you can use the menu on the left-hand side to browse the categories.

How do I keep track of items I’d like buy?

You can create a wish list to track items you want to buy now or at another time. 

How do I see what’s in my cart ?

To see what’s in your shopping cart click on the cart icon at the top right side of the page. The list of items you have selected will be there. You can make changes to the cart before you buy.

How do I see my previous orders?

Your GroceryShop orders can be seen by clicking on Orders in the your Account section at the top of the page.

How do I get in contact with a seller?

Asking a seller a question is easy. Click on the Ask a question button on the seller’s store, sign in, type your question and send it.

Be a savvy shopper

How do I compare items?

We make it easy to compare product features and prices across a number of sellers. Select the black bars icon above the cart on the main page and check the items you want to compare.

You can also decide to compare items as you shop by clicking on the Add to comparison list icon near each product.

How do I know what’s new on GroceryShop?

Select Newest at the top of the page to see our newest products. You can choose to shop directly from this list.

How do I know what’s popular on GroceryShop?

Select Bestsellers at the top of the page to see what products are selling well.

How do I know what’s on sale?

Select On Sale at the top of the page to see the latest offers.

How do I know if a brand I like is selling on GroceryShop?

Select Brands at the top of the page to see which brands we sell.

How do I know if a favourite vendor is selling on GroceryShop?

Select Our Vendors at the top of the page to see who our sellers are. You can also search for vendors by their location.


How do I pay for my order?

When you have finished shopping you are required to pay for your order by credit card or PayPal.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from GroceryShop?

You don’t need a PayPal account as you can use your credit card to pay for purchases via PayPal. We use PayPal to process all types of payments.

Delivery and collection information

What are the pick-up and delivery options?

You purchase directly from the seller and they will deliver the goods to you by courier. Some sellers will have click and collect available, which means you can pick up your items direct from them if you want to.

What if I have to change my delivery details?

Contact the seller directly to change your delivery details.

When will my shopping be delivered?

The courier company your seller uses will advise you when your shopping will be delivered. 

My account

How do I create a GroceryShop buyer account?

Registering to buy with GroceryShop is easy. Select Sign up in the My Account section at the bottom right-hand side of the page and follow the prompts to register with us. For security reasons we will verify your email address by sending you a link in an email. We will need your name, address and contact details for the seller.

How do I sign in?

You sign in by selecting Sign In in the My Account section at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

How do I change my online shopping details?

You can change your contact details, delivery address, payment details and email address in the ‘Account’ section.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the ‘Account’ section in Profile details.