Our Story

GroceryShop.com.au was launched in October 2012. Since then we have shipped orders to over 30,000 Aussie families.

A few months ago we decided to change our offering and focus our efforts on connecting Australian consumers with Australian made and grown products.

We understand it can be difficult for small business to get the reach they deserve so we're here to help close that gap. By supporting Australian made products we support Australian jobs which in turn supports you and your family.

We endeavour to ensure every product we sell and promote on GroceryShop.com.au is Made in Australia. Fresh produce, meat, fish and poultry can be seasonal products sourced from all over the world however we promise the merchants on our platform are Australian businesses so you will be supporting Aussie business and Aussie jobs.

If you are keen on becoming a seller on our platform please contact us by clicking here.