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Nature Bake
Nature Bake was inspired by my own diagnosis of Coeliac Disease and I created several Gluten and Sugar Free Baking Mixes that are wholesome, only using natural ingredients with no added preservatives or additives. Our mixes are healthier and body friendly without compromising taste. Not only are all our baking mixes Gluten and refined sugar free, but they are also dairy and soy free. All ingredients are sourced from Australian Farmers and Suppliers and products are made fresh to order. Our Mixes are Endorsed by Coeliac Australia and Certified Kosher Australia. Products are available online  or at numerous cafes and business in the Eastern Suburbs NSW
Old Bones Chilli Co
Don't settle for mediocre. Ditch the graveyard of forgotten sauce at the back of your pantry. Bin the once used-eye watering-hot gag gift your mate gave you for Christmas. Stop settling for sauce that are too spicy, too bland, too watery or just too mediocre for a hot sauce connoisseur like yourself. Hand made and proudly Australian. Each bottle of Old Bones Chilli Co chilli sauce is hand crafted using home grown Aussie products. These bad boys are cooked, bottled and labelled by hand in Sydney and delivered Australia wide. Stop settling for mediocrity and get your hands on some now! Vegan friendly and gluten free, with flavour so rich you'll feel it in your bones. Old bones sauce delivers a unique and outrageously delicious range of chilli sauces and condiments, from mild all the way to blow your jaw off, that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone across a range of different dishes and cuisines.
Our Festive Puds
‘ Our Festive Puds ‘ is a home grown business, started by  Carmel Meade  and  Vicki Bellero , two friends who love to bake; busy mums, who wanted to work together doing something they both love. Our signature Christmas cakes and puds are fresh and full of festive flavour! What’s in the mix? Nothing your Grandma wouldn’t recognise: Natural, additive free ingredients combined with authentic cooking methods to create a delicious nostalgic taste of the festive season. We believe a festive cake or pudding, made by hand with the true taste of home, is a sumptuous experience to celebrate and enjoy. The addition of figs to our puddings produces aromatic, sweet tasting, light and “moreish” puds.
Outback Harvest
Outback Harvest has a long history in agriculture stretching back 4 generations, with a passion for innovation that has led us to grow and market the first Australian grown Teff! We have designed a range of gluten free, teff-based health food products which are suitable for all levels of skill set in the kitchen. Our products speak to our gluten free, coeliac and health conscious consumers. Our product range includes premixes, flours, grains, and pastas. Our products are all gluten free, coeliac approved, & FODMAP friendly! Outback Harvest has been established to provide paddock to plate products and reinvigorate the personal connection between the origins of food produced by farmers, and the people that consume them. We welcome you to join us on the journey and share in the experiences as we live our story!
Red Parrot Coffee
Red Parrot Coffee, a wholly Australian owned family company, has been in the industry for 35 years. The Coffee Roasting facility in Islington housed in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art NSW. Red Parrot Coffee's Artisan Roasters developed 18 bespoke coffees sold directly to the public, wholesale, and supply cafes Australian wide.   WE KNOW OUR BEANS